lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011



Burn that motherfucker down!

Someone call my doctor.
Someone call my lawyer.
Heat rises above us

Oh! You want to sing, you want to dance
Oh no! You’re not pretty, no, not enough
It’s not, not personal, not about you
there’s just no time for love nor misery.

It’s not a matter of a punk routine
not a matter bout you vs. me
ain’t a matter bout the the paranoid sittings
you come to undress, me process me
like I was blocking true meanings

We Rise and Fall.
Heat Rises between us.
Heat Rises above us.

Cansei de ser Gangsta

This is how we muthafuckin’ roll.
Making people go ape shit.
C’mon everybody time to go…
Wasting everything and all.

We keep on moving
until we’re gone
we stalkin’ dancers
until they drop

Forget my face
forget my name
it’s up to you
so what the hell

We dance with vampires
we suck their blood
keep slicing beats up
until we drop.

I never knew you had such deviant eyes
I never knew you had such deviant eyes
such a pretty face
such a fucked up smile
never knew you had such deviant eyes

Fuck ALL DJs

So tell me what is like to be so numb and be so vain.
I never knew you had it in you.
I’ll tell you what is like to be so dumb and be so lame.
Turns out we’re exactly the same.

We do
Like the monkey does
In Step
With the other sheep
Making line waiting to die.

We are
Like an animal
Just like an animal
Just like a human being

See. But do not touch.
Touch. But do not taste.
Taste. Now that’s enough.
Now run… Like a motherfucker.

Now they’re turning their backs on you.

From here things go downhill.
You wake up to the sounds of fear
Don’t turn away… from the headlights.
Tell them it’s time to die…
Don’t let em tell you what you got to do.


Get off you cool with some rhythm in your soul
She dies in vain but I haven’t seen her trying
I met a girl who was crooked as a the sand
She had no brain but she had a tomahawk

We like the way you walk
Like the way you walk
Like it how you sing
and like the way you drag
like the way you don’t speak
like the way you move
we like your fucking blisters
like the way you groove

You speak up with a broken jaw
you set fire and run for nothing
You stand up with broken bones
set fire and run for nothing

fight yourself
kill yourself
loose yourself

Bound With Electrical Tape

You wanna see me scrolling, drowning
I’m running out of luck and out of shape
You wanna see me begging, kneeling
I rather kill myself than play this game, you know…

Can I get a little peace of mind?
Who puts a smile on that face?

You want to see me out of shape.

Hey. I’ve got a fucking thorn in my spine.
Collision. Control. We’re bound by blood.
Now make-up and break-up the lines.
I’m hating the ways in your words and your thoughts.
Just shut the fuck up.

Collision. Control. We’re bound by blood.
Make up and break up the lines.
Like a burning flag we fall down.

I Grind My Teeth.

You should’ve seen me crossing lines for thrills.
Communications lost in hell.
I should’ve seen you with no wish to feel.
These transmutations are insane.

King of the vampires
King of the mortuary
We gonna suck you dry
So fuckin incendiary

Drag me now and kill me later.
Motherfucker, she’s my baby.
No easy fix for a string of lies
No easy fix for coming straight.
And then we’ll check for loss and retribution.

King of the vampires
King of the mortuary
You should’ve seen me dry
You should’ve seen me fainting

Im the devil I love metal.
Check this riff it’s fucking tasty.

Ways of a Psycho

Im gonna show you the ways of a psycho.
Im gonna show you the ways of a madman
You’re breathing too heavy
He’ll hear you, he’ll find ya
I’m gonna show you that there is no love
running through your vains
mixed in your heart

I want to show you the ways in my stabs
so pure and precise and so much fun
I want to tell you I’m slaying this dance
and you’re next and you’re next and you’re next and you’re gone.

Switchblade Romance

Like an exploitation flick we’ve got no shame
we won’t sell common vision to you.
Oh, oh, oh! You feel offended
So, go, go home.

Who puts a price on your head?
Someone you deeply ignore.
Who puts a price on your head?
One of your own.

This is television for the broken-hearted
Somebody explain this nuclear assignment
Somebody get this side of things
Cause I aint the one, I aint the one you see…
You see this timber foe, s’gotta crippled leg
and a switchblade, hone…
Somebody get this side of things
cause I ain’t the one… I ain’t the one you see.

One of your own.
…Of your own.
…Of your own will suppress you whole.
Wake up and take-off
and give up on glory
you fell in love with the dead and the bloody.

Fill Me Full of Hate

They haven’t stole my soul.
They’ve filled me full of hate.
I’ve had a helluva time
Planning my revenge.

What’s up wit it?
You try to block the sun using your finger-tip
Look around. I said look up the sky
It’s like a rain of shattered glass I’ve got it in my eye.

Get up and scream I said, run for your lives
What we call ‘war’ they call a kid’s playground
Enough is said but not enough is done
We better take a fuckin pill and just go numb.

All is fair when it comes to these riots
They’ll try to burn your heart.
They’ll try to take your breath away.
They’ll try to steal your soul away.

A to da B to da muthafuckin C
we’ll fight your mom and we’ll fight police
we’ll start a fire at the end of the world
and you’ll burn, burn, burn till your ashes, fool

Till the day that we drop this is war
and we wont back down cause we wont back down
you show up with this face we say ‘get the fuck out’
everybody on the ground cause you’re getting mugged.

Silence is more compelling.

You think you are mystery
you don’t even have a place back in history.
You think that you might die in 7
but I wont mind if I cut you up and leave you praying

You think that this is all I’ve got
but I wont loose in the eyes of a falling star
you think that this is all I’ve got
but I wont be there for you…

And if you’re screaming to the sky
you’ll pick the pieces from the ground
there’s no one here so move along
nothing to see, nowhere to go.

We set it off. We call it quits.
And all we say, it works for nothing.
We set it off, then we pull back.

I’ve got a message for the blinded team
They only care for what you can see.
And you can die in vain
For fucking all I care

Taking, breaking, aching, faking
This is a place so forsaken
Lying, screaming, begging, bleeding.
We set it off. We flush it down.
And all we do, it works for nothing.


I try hard with the dynamite sticks
to keep blowing the roof of my mouth
If im speechless you wont be able to hear
my deepest terrible fears

shoot you gotta.
Have one to blame. Have one to bend.

Tick tock! Time running so slow
and im still in this cage made of glass
and im guilty for letting me be
executioner of this shit.
Everyone is raving bout these new sensations.
Talking shit and selling out on two-faced friendos.
Everybody ready cause it’s time to sweat
and after ‘time to bleed’ you go home.

Sanity is relative and momentary
we all have truly lost our heads
digging deep in lies and shit and dysentery
we might not make it through the day

Everybody’s nose is bleeding in crescendo
acting like there’s nothing wrong with self-mutilation
everybody ready cause it’s time to sweat
and when the thrills have gone so have you.
You’ve been trying
You’ve been, been trying
Acting like a fool like a son of a *bleep*
And what you’ve got to say?

Happiness and loneliness are similar
sometimes you’re better by yourself
do what you need to keep this ‘happiness’
Exterminate the human race.

There’s a place in my head where I shut the door
and it’s kept under fucking lock
There’s a voice in my mind, it has lost control
it just keeps on pushing me more and more.
It’s a pitch-black landscape but im feeling safe
and I’ve got gasoline pumping through my fucking veins
There’s a place in my head where I shut the door and it’s…
Stop thinking. Stop telling yourself
that you are more than the vast in a living hell.
Just stop. Don’t tell anyone
You’ve got a rotten soul and you’ll never be fine.

Stop loving or hating or giving a fuck.
Just stop.